MARCH 16, 2020

As a result of the recommendation to keep schools closed until April 6, 2020, HCS Head Start will close all programs including Head Start, Early Head Start and Coordinated Family & Community Engagement (CFCE) activities. We anticipate opening back up on Tuesday, May 4th, 2020.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To our Head Start families we understand that is a stressful time, please refer to our Facebook page for any updates and/or community resources. Thank you and be safe.

We will use our website to provide our families with community resource information and educational activities to do with your children at home.  A voicemail system has been put in place at each of the Head Start centers.   A list of telephone numbers is below:

Site List 2020

We promote school readiness by enhancing children's social and cognitive development, through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services.

Our services for eligible adults and families include health and nutrition programs, mental health programs, parenting programs, relationship programs, and financial education programs.

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We support the health and education of families and children of our communities through our comprehensive programs, and in partnership with other area service providers.