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Note:  Families & children must meet certain financial and age guidelines. Please call us at (413)788-6522 for information.

Parent Services and Programs
Parents and families of enrolled Head Start children are invited to participate in a variety of programs and services offered by HCS Head Start.  Our programs and services include:
   • Physical and mental health services
   • Nutrition services
   • Parenting and relationship classes
   • Financial counseling services...and more!

Call our office at (413)788-6522 for more information.

TLC: Building Healthy Relationships
TLC is for teens and adults - whether or not they have children enrolled in Head Start.  TLC provides support and education for healthy relationships with loved ones,family, children, spouses and others.  Topics include:
   • Managing conflicts and disagreements
   • Financial management
   • Parenting
   • Hopes and dreams - planning for the future

Call our office at (413)788-6522 for more information.  Click here to download the application form.   

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