Deadline for Applications: July 31, 2021

Full/Part Time:30 hours per week

Full/Part Year: 52 weeks per year

Starting Pay: $14.85

Summary: A position with the responsibilities of delivering lunch in a safe and timely manner.

Education and Certification Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED required.

Skills and Experience:

  • Ability to handle food safely.
  • Basic literacy and math skills.
  • Strong verbal and written skills.
  • Ability to maintain schedules.
  • Ability and willingness to work as a team member.
  • Ability to maintain and adhere to boundary guidelines.
  • A strong commitment to quality childcare programs.
  • Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 119, Section 51A you are a mandated reporter and held to the statutory reporting requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Communicate any questions, problems and concerns to supervisor.
  • Attend and participate in community events and/or ERSEA activities to assist with educating the community about the Agency, as well as assist with Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance of children.
  • Driving: approximately 85% of the time.
    • Provide lunch deliveries for the Holyoke-Chicopee-Springfield Head Start centers.
    • Assure that all lunches are picked up and delivered on schedule.
    • Cooperate with all parties to assure a smooth flow and delivery schedule between the kitchen and centers.
    • Ensure that all lunch boxes are secured for a safe trip.
    • Coordinate any and all paperwork between centers and kitchen.
  • Maintenance: approximately 5% of the time.
    • Work with staff and Transportation Specialist to design efficient bus routes.
    • Perform a complete visual safety check of each bus driven on a daily basis.
  • Minor Job Responsibilities: approximately 10% of the time.
    • Keep interior of the bus clean daily and exterior as needed.
    • Report any needed repairs and deliver bus to repair site as needed.

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